Who we are

AlfaMale is a young, growing company in Weerde, Belgium.

Vincent noticed that the search for gifts for friends always resulted in “let’s just buy a good bottle” and thought that really could be better. The beastly way in which men – usually- open gifts was the first step towards the creation of the wooden crates that you break open with a crowbar! The concept was born. The content of the crates is always a total experience and fits every type of man, young or old, wild or sophisticated.
Of course not every man is a fan of the same product, and soon the Whiskey range was supplemented with Gins, Cigars and BBQ. 

Vincent is flanked by two beautiful women, responsible for online marketing. Did you find us through Google? Then Karlien has taken care of that. Came here through Social Media? Catherine would love a reaction to one of her great posts.

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The Alfamale

Founder of AlfaMale. Experienced marketeer with crazy ideas. The impossible is what he wants, and nothing is too extreme! If you ever want to do something really stupid, call him!

Karlien De Haes
All Female

Copywriter, social media manager and smoking hot! The AlfaMale's wife, touch and die.

Catherine Van Dingenen
Social Media & Blog

Knows everything about social media, and writes like the best!

What we do

AlfaMale.be – Gifts for real men!
Customized teambuildings for both small and large groups.
MancaveOnWheels.be – A Mancave on wheels that can be used at any location!

AlfaMale Crates

The AlfaMale crates are sturdy, handmade wooden boxes that you open with the supplied (robust) crowbar.
The crates are built by AlfaMale in our workshop in Elewijt.
Do you want to fill a crate with your own gifts, do you want to sell our crates in your store or do you want to order personalized crates for your company? We can! Be sure to check out our B2B page or contact us directly via mail at contact@alfamale.be

Our products

We strive for quality in everything we do, both in manufacturing the crates and filling them to our customers.
Of course, this also applies to everything we send and pack, our products are qualitative and are fully in line with what we stand for. Did you receive a damaged product or was our package not what you expected, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or by mail to contact@alfamale.be. We replace the damaged product or search for a constructive solution together.
Do you have questions about our return policy or guarantee? Take a look at our terms and conditions.